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Rev Scotty Poole – Executive Director
November – December 2017  Newsletter
Vol. 4, Issue 6 Page 1  Top Stories
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Pray. Send. Go. There’s Still One…
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Changes!  There’s still one! By Scotty Poole
Changes.  There is one thing about serving God and that is one should be ready to experience change.  Sometimes change can be a little scary other times change can be exciting, but one thing is certain if we are to continue to grow in God we will experience change.  Change should not affect our core values but rather it is those beliefs and value that will drive us to continue to change.  Just think about it, the small group of men and women, in an upper room on the day of Pentecost, had to change because of the sudden growth on that day.  They did not change the essence of who they were but they did make changes to accommodate, facilitate, and perpetuate the growing thriving Church they were becoming.

As a denomination, we are experiencing change as well.  I myself am experiencing change.  I am going from being a pastor to leading the growing and thriving Mission department of the Congregational Holiness Church.  A department, that through the years has faced many changes.  Starting with a single Sunday school in Cuba then venturing into one country after another the Mission department has grown to now reach 34 countries throughout the world. This growth happened because of a willingness of the leaders to embrace change while maintaining the integrity vision to make disciples all over the world.  A long list of men and women have lead the charge of a growing Mission department to make an eternal impact on the world for the Kingdom sake.  I now take up that challenge as well.  I know we can embrace change and reach even higher heights because we will be building on the work of those that have gone before.  Men like Hugh Skelton, Chet Smith, JD Sosbee, Billy Anderson, Ronald Wilson, Charles Hanson just to name a few have each served to advance the work of the Kingdom so now we can build on this work.
As I assume my role in the CHC Mission department I am asking everyone to join with me in the work at hand of spreading the gospel and making disciples all over the world.  Some of it will be easier because of the work of those that have prepared the way but they are new areas that we now must press into to complete our assignment from the Lord.
Looking to the future we can do so by looking to the work of the apostle Paul.  Reading about Paul’s missionary journeys (Acts 13-21) his strategy can be seen.  First, he would simply preach the word.  Where there were no people that believed he preached Jesus.  Simply put, he evangelized and established churches.  Second, once churches were established he followed up by strengthening the churches.  This is discipleship.  He would teach the people what it meant to live for Christ.  Third, he would then encourage the leaders.  This is the training and equipping necessary for these leaders to duplicate what Paul had done in them.  Our strategy should be the same.  When entering an area where there is no gospel we need to preach the gospel and establish churches.  When going to an area where churches are already established we strengthen them by discipleship. When entering an area with strong established churches we encouraged the leaders with needed training and equipping.  The one key variable in all of this is the Holy Spirit.  Just as Paul was working his strategy and the Holy Spirit interrupted his course and redirected him so we must be directed in all we do by the Holy Spirit.
We have many works across the world at different levels of progress in the Lord.  So, for us to make the greatest impact we needed to develop a good mission strategy like Paul.  CHC mission work will take on E.A.S.Y. Missions.
E.            Equip and Train- Workers for the mission work.  Whether they are national workers or short-term missionary training is a must to complete the missionary call.
A.            Assess – Has the gospel been presented in that region?  Are there churches in the region? What kind of faith is there?
S.            Survey- Engage the people of the region to determine the level or lack of faith they possess to determine what is needed.
Y.            Yield –    The master planner for missions is the Holy Spirit and although we must have and operate a strategy for missions we must ALWAYS yield to the Holy Spirit when it comes to Him directing or changing our mission direction.  Without the active work of the Holy Spirit then all our mission efforts are in vain.

Mission work is never easy but, with those that have paved the way before us and with a good mission strategy lead by the Holy Spirit we can do E.A.S.Y. Missions.  By this we can change the work and give a step up to those that follow us in mission work.
Will you be a part?
Because “There’s still One!”


The major religion in India is Hindu where over 300 million gods have evolved to be worshipped. Some are ancient, some are created by an individual and some are nonsense. Regardless of the gods that are worshipped in India, there is still only ONE TRUE LIVING GOD and that is Jesus Christ. Many places in India that I have been haven’t even heard the name of JESUS! When they do, the Holy Spirit convicts them of the truth of the Good News and their hearts are opened.
The next thing they must do is make the decision to accept Him as their only Savior. To do that is to risk harsh treatment from their family, to be disowned and cast out of their family unit or even killed. It is a great sacrifice but thousands are doing it today.
Those who have accepted Jesus Christ in India make up only about 4-8% of the population. A very slight minority. It will take dedicated Christians (and there are many) to reach the nation of India.
In the few years since the Congregational Holiness church has been working with Lata Lincoln, great things are happening. Under the umbrella of the CH church, there are 60 pastors and 600 churches in India. New Haven CH in Gainesville has built two churches and in the last four years, the CH church has sent $96,195 to support the pastors and their churches. The best part of the CH Ministry is people being saved from the deceptive messages of the Hindu gods.
Teams from the CH church have been going over to help teach the pastors, church leaders, women and even children greater truths and to encourage them to keep marching in God’s army to preach the gospel.
YOU have an opportunity to be a part of a team going to INDIA. Lata always embraces teams who want to help evangelize and teach her people. A team, led by Deborah Bouchard, a seasoned Indian missionary, is leaving JANUARY 14, 2018 to help Lata teach and train pastors and women in communities that are hungry for deeper truths.  See below for more details.
Jesus’ last words to His disciples were: “Go into ALL the world…” We must reach beyond the walls of our church and even our nation to help bring the Kingdom of God to people who haven’t even known who Jesus is. Please consider making the trip to India to be a part of the Great Commission.
Rev. Deborah Bouchard: Missionary to the nations for 19 years has travelled to India over 10 times in the last 15 years to work with Lata. The people are warm and receptive when an American comes to help pastors and women get a deeper understanding of scripture. They need the encouragement by someone who cares about the success of the men and women who are walking the walk and risk their lives daily to minister to their people.”


Greetings From India
Hi friend!  First of all thank you very much for helping us bring the gospel to India.  This is a great moment in our lives because we are here together joining hands for a single purpose of endeavoring to bring down the Kingdom of God on earth terminating the evil and illegal dominion of Satan!
We believe that transformation always begins on the inside manifesting on the outside, Jesus healed people and supplied their material needs which resulted in the opening of their hearts. At the Congregational Holiness Church in India, we want to become the hands and legs of Jesus letting Him touch and transform people!
Thanks to your support 65 Congregational Holiness Ordained Ministers are ministering in more than 650 villages every week.
Our heavenly Father has all the expertise required in transforming the desperate & broken down lives into powerful leaders who in turn would change the course of History! He always uses human instruments to do this. We are one such instrument and He gives us wonderful people like you as our partners in making this happen. Comprehensive care combined with best schooling and education about the true God and His Kingdom is given to these budding lives preparing them to take on the task like Esthers and Samuels.  Hundreds of children have passed through our portals most of them well shaped to take on the enemy Satan! Some of them are serving the Lord in full time ministry and some others in the market place affecting the world around them.
I want to introduce you to some of the children who need support in our orphanage home called Joy Land where we house, educate, and feed 120 orphans.
It is easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken ones.
God bless You,


“Where two or three are gathered together ” (Mat. 18:20)
By Dr Hugh Skelton

In 2003, we were in Argentina conducting evangelistic meetings and leadership workshops in the cities of Cipolleti and Neuquen in the southwest of the country and in Rosario in the northeast. It was a grueling schedule … three services daily and always local ministers and people wanting to talk, to share their victories and their challenges, seeking advice. They were hungry for spiritual communication. Congregations ranged in size from 60 to 500. It seems easier to speak to all the people possible in one service rather than have several repeated smaller ones. But, large crowds are more demanding on a speaker. Remember that ministry is not just “making a speech”
One service was rather unusual to me as I was asked to ordain the Superintendent of Churches as an “Apostle”. It is the highest honor given to a leader in Argentina churches, and our host had met all of the 21 Biblical qualifications, including such things as spiritual leadership, planting new churches, uniting people in the faith, serving with humility  yet defending the faith, etc. I was asked to be in charge of the ordination due to my senior status and my experience in worldwide ministry. I began by reading the requirements for apostleship. I then spoke to the audience about the credentials of this man. I reminded them that they knew him better than I did. He lived among them daily. They were well aware of his life and his ministry. It would be their duty to certify his status. “Is he qualified to be placed in this position and carry the title of Apostle?” Every person in the building stood signifying “yes”. The new apostle received the honor humbly, and we rejoiced at the respect being shown to such a worthy servant of the Lord. True ministers of the Gospel do not serve for the accolades of the congregation. But it is uplifting to see people recognize excellence in their leader. It was a night of rejoicing and praise.
One evening, we attended an evangelistic service in the center of the city. It would be a revelation to me concerning prayer. The evening was terribly cold … as in COLD!!! The services were being held in an open field, a sports field with bleacher seats. Masses of people sat in the open cold awaiting the service. I noticed two tents in the middle of the field. At first, I did not understand their use since they were not for attendees at the meeting. I later learned they were reserved for prayer after preaching. The evangelist emerged from the small tent with a group of 150 followers and began the service. Speaking for only 20 minutes or so was all that was possible because it was just too cold to expect the audience to endure a longer sermon. It was in that short service that I learned the power of “the prayer of agreement”. The 150 followers were prayer warriors. They took their places before the sermon began … 50 women made a wall to the right of the minister, the other 50 women formed a line facing them. Behind the minister, 50 men made a semi-circle. These prayer warriors joined hands and quietly prayed throughout the sermon. They made no distracting movements nor any noise. They simply agreed in quiet prayer for the minister, the message, and the recipients.
The average number of conversions per service was 2000. When the call to prayer for salvation, for healing, and/or for deliverance was given, people seemed to pour toward the prayer tent. Inside that tent was a large circle of chairs, one for each person seeking prayer. As each person was seated, a counselor/prayer warrior stood before them and began to ask their need and lead them into a prayer to meet that need. Two prayer warriors stood behind the chair praying, “We are in agreement with this prayer.” Just praying in agreement for the presented need. It amazed me … the power of the Prayer of Agreement. Hundreds claimed victory and gave praise to God for deliverance. And, I learned the lesson that “agreement of believers” is powerful beyond our imagination. It is not great words, celebrity speakers, or well-planned programming that brings people to Christ. It is the power of prayer. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”(Mat. 18:20)
The vision for the work in Argentina has grown over the years until today there is truly a positive outlook for their future.
Because of your faithful giving, The Congregational Holiness Church has grown, and continues to grow, into a worldwide support system of evangelism, care, and discipleship. Would you please consider a special “above and beyond” tax-deductible gift?

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